How to Organize an Amazing Bucks Party Boat Cruise

14 Nov

The very first thing needing to be done is a chat with all the guys on the invitation list. The betrothed will normally provide a list of his most trusted allies deemed worth of an invitation to the bucks party. You being the organiser are in the hot seat with the weight of great expectation that the outcome will be in epic proportions. Not a role to be taken lightly as the trust bestowed is monumental. No doubt you are likely his hand and lifelong friend.

So, gather the troops for a beer is likely the best option and talk amongst yourselves gathering ideas and hopefully one of the guests raised the prospects of a bucks cruise. If not throw your hat in the ring and test the waters. Is everyone comfortable with being on the water is the first question? If yes where is the best location? Are people travelling form interstate? Which city makes the most sense for the vast majority of guests including the buck.

The options of course range depending on the group’s proximity. Broadly speaking the best cities for chartering boats are Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth. Each of these cities has excellent waterways, transport and a selection of boat and entertainment options that will likely address the groups desires.

Firstly, let’s look at Sydney. This city has amazing waterways and endless boat choices depending on the budget. Sydney is a beautiful city especially from the water. A cruise will generally start from King Street wharf and adventure east under the harbour bridge past beautiful Mosman, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Watsons Bay. Time permitting you may make it all the way to Manly. If the sun is shining, this option is epic. Afterwards Sydney has loads of pubs and bars to explore which will prove convenient after an afternoon bucks cruise on Sydney harbour

Next let’s examine the Gold Coast. No doubt this will remind the guys of their post high school parties and the recklessness that ensued. All the guys are a bit older this time and the budget a bit higher thankfully. Hiring a boat on the Gold Coast for a bucks party is very easy and options are plentiful depending on the appetite. There are large modern cruisers available that will hold big groups or smaller luxury boats if the budget permits. If watching the pennies, there are a number of value options that will also impress. The Gold Coast water ways themselves are vast with destinations like Stradbroke Island. Ordinarily cruises take place from Southport through to Broadwater.

When it comes to Melbourne the climate is a little cooler so organising a Melbourne bucks cruise is usually reserved for those from the region. That said the Yarra has historic significance and flows right through the city itself. The Melbourne City Charter Boat fleet is all located in Docklands Harbour which is very central and a heartbeat form the popular Crown Casino and Marvel Stadium. The Docklands and Newquay foreshore is littered with restaurants and bars. This can make for convenient pre and post cruise events. Its not uncommon to alight form a bucks cruise here and commence a beautiful steak dinner. The The waterways extend to the expansive Port Phillip Bay. Home to penguins, dolphins and seals. A sanctuary to be preserved and enjoyed.

With a destination decided upon, the next step is what else will complete the event? Guys are relatively easy to please. A cold beer is assumed! A little something to eat is a must! Now onto the important bit.. Girls! What bucks party cruise would be complete or even an event unless there were beautiful women involved. This again comes down to appetite and budget. No doubt they need to be fit and pretty and the life of the party. For this there are a range of options from topless waitresses that mingle and serve drinks while chatting with the guys to strip show performances that involve some special attention for the buck.

That about wraps it up. It’s actually very hard to go wrong with a Bucks Party Cruise. Who doesn’t love boats, beer, a good feed and hot girls? If you’re not enjoying yourself in this environment, then there is a good chance you’re not wired up right. Have fun and be safe.

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